Anjankuja 3 Espoo

Resident's guide
(English summary)

Common facilities

Smoking is forbidden in all common facilities, as well as in the yard in the immediate vicinity of the entrances.


Saunas are located in 10th and 15th floor of each building. Saunas, laundry rooms and washing equipment must be cleaned up after use. Sauna doors must be shut, lights turned off and the ventilation hatches closed. Grilling sausages on the sauna stove and bringing pets to sauna are forbidden. No diapers or sanitary pads in the garbage.

Drying rooms

Drying rooms are located on each building's 4th, 9th and 13th floors and are intended for drying laundry of residents. Drying carpets in the drying rooms is forbidden. They must be dried outside.

Mangle rooms

The mangles are located in the 5th floor of building A and the entrance floor of building B.

Personal property storage

Storerooms for personal property are located in each floor of both buildings, except for the apartments in floors 4, 5, 9, 10, 13 and 15. The storerooms for these apartments are located in the basement floor. Flammable substances such as fuel may not be kept in the storerooms.

Cold rooms

Cold rooms are available for reservation in the basement floor of each building.

Bicycle storage

Bicycles can be kept in the sports equipment storerooms in the entrance floors, or in the storerooms next to the hallway leading to building A’s basement. Outside, bicycles must be kept in the bicycle stand. Keeping bicycles in the door recesses is forbidden.

Baby carriage storage

Entrance floors have storerooms for baby carriages and other children's items.

Outboard motor storage

There is a storage room for outboard motors next to the stairwell in the basement floor of building A.

Activity rooms

Residents should perform all noisy wood and metal work in the activity rooms located next to the elevators in the basement floors.

Table tennis room

There is a table tennis room in the entrance floor of building B.

Magazines and books

There are racks for magazines and books in the children's play room of building A and in the table tennis room of building B.


There is a billiard table next to the table tennis room of building B.


The gym is located next to the yard side entrance of building B. Users of the gym must keep the facilities in order. Using the gym is permitted daily until 9 pm. Sneakers should be worn to the gym. The gym is intended only for the residents of the building. Children may use the gym under adult supervision.

Children's play/club room

Children's play room is located next to the yard side entrance of building A.

Swimming hall

The swimming hall is in a separate building.


Users of the swimming pools should carefully wash themselves prior to bathing and swimming. Swimsuit may not be used in the sauna, but a proper swimsuit is required in the pool area. Parents must supervise their children to ensure their safety and proper behavior. The swimming hall keycard may not be given to outsiders. Residents may bring up to four guests to the swimming hall.

Opening hours

Usual opening hours are:

  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, 6 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 10 pm
  • Thu 6 am to 9 am
  • Sat, Sun, 12 am to 10 pm

Note that entrance closes about 15 minutes prior to the end of the opening hours.

Evenings for residents

Gatherings open for all residents are sometimes arranged in the swimming hall between 4 pm to 10 pm on the first Thursday of the month.

Private reservations

Residents have the opportunity to reserve the swimming hall for private use on Thursdays from 4 pm to 10 pm. However, on the first Thursday of the month the swimming hall is open for residents from 4 pm to 10 pm.


The buildings have a large yard intended for use of all residents. The yards include a children's playground and plantings.

Carpets and bedclothes

Carpets and bedclothes may be dusted at the yards on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays between 8 am and 6 pm. Bedclothes may be aired on the balconies inside the handrails. Dusting bedclothes and carpets on balconies is forbidden.

Drying laundry

Yards are equipped with drying racks. Clothes may also be dried on balconies as long as they cannot be seen to the yard or the street.

Garbage disposal

Household waste must be taken to the garbage bins in the yard. Garbage must be sorted. There are separate bins for household waste, biological waste, cardboard waste and clean recycling paper. Users must ensure that the lids of the bins are properly closed.

Motor vehicles

Driving to the yard with a motor vehicle is forbidden. Vehicles may be temporarily parked on the street for loading and unloading.

Yard grill

Yard grill is available for use of residents. The grill and its surroundings must be cleaned after use. Grilling with coal is forbidden on balconies.


Parking space is available outside and in parking hall. A parking spot can be reserved from the maintenance company.

Housing regulations

Common facilities

Smoking is forbidden in all common facilities and elevators. Activities in common facilities are allowed between 8 am to 9 pm.

Disturbing activity at night time

Noisy or otherwise disturbing activities are forbidden between 11 pm and 7 am. Additionally, use of noisy tools and drilling the walls is forbidden in following times:

  • Sundays and holidays
  • Saturdays and eves of holidays after 6 pm
  • Other days after 8 pm


Permission from the building association is required for renovations. Contact the property manager before renovations. No permission is required for painting or wallpapering.

Yard cleanliness

Trashing in the yard is forbidden. An extra fine for cleaning expenses may be issued for littering. Garbage must be placed in appropriate bins. Feeding birds is forbidden. Pets may not be walked in the yard. Waste from dogs must be cleaned immediately.

Locking of the entrance doors

Doors facing the yard may be opened with a code number from 6 am to 8 pm. Doors facing the street are always locked.

Washing the balconies

Washing the balcony with running water is forbidden.

Notice boards

Notices may be attached to the boards on the entrance floor corridors. Persons must take care of removing their papers after expiration. The date of the notice and the name of the author must be visible in the papers. Old or inappropriate papers are removed by the building association.


The expenses of the property are mostly caused by heating, wages, water and waste water, electricity and repairs. The residents can help in minimizing such expenses.


The largest expenses for the building association come from heating the apartments and the water. Residents should use proper settings for heating, fix leaks and avoid wasting warm water.

Heat adjustment

The basic heating of the building is adjusted based on factors such as outside temperature.

Adjustment of ventilation

The basic ventilation settings have been adjusted by professionals to ensure equal ventilation to all floors. Residents may not change these settings. Residents are expected to clean the air bleed valves regularly and to inform the building manager of malfunctions. The ventilation may not be stopped nor the valves blocked. Stove extractor fans may not be connected to air conditioning channels.

Room-specific temperature adjustments

The room temperature may be fine tuned with the radiator thermostats.

Water and waste water

Residents should avoid unnecessary water consumption, such as rinsing dishes under running water or taking frequent hot baths.

Maintenance and repairs

Residents can help save repair costs by immediately reporting any defects or damages in facilities and equipment.

Building association services


The buildings have a janitor working during office hours. The janitor's phone number is 0500-426842.

Phone duty

A person on duty can be reached outside the janitor's working hours and can be reached on phone at 0400 426 842. The duty hours are 5 pm to 7 am on weekdays (including holidays) and from Friday 5 pm to Monday 7 am.

Building management services

The name and the address of the building manager can be found from the building's notice board. The building management office handles all payment, parking and maintenance issues and the sauna reservations.


All required keys and keycards are available from the building management office's customer service. Upon moving away from the building, the resident must return the keys and keycards of common facilities to the building manager.

Opening the door

If the resident loses or forgets their keys, the janitor or the person on duty may open the door if the resident has a right to enter the apartment and can prove their identity. The payment for opening the door depends on the hour of the day.

Sauna and other reservations

Reservations and cancellations of saunas, swimming hall, parking lots and other matters are handled by the building management office.

Shelters and evacuation

Both buildings have bomb shelters for 150 persons located at the basement floor. The buildings have an evacuation plan complying with safety regulations.

Housing committee

The residents may form an informal, open for all housing committee aimed at building a sense of community and improving living conditions and well-being.

Problem reports

All problems and defects related to the property should be reported to the janitor (phone number 0500 426 842 on working hours) or by leaving a message to the mailbox at the ground floor of the stairwell.

Outside working hours, urgent problems may be reported to the person on duty (phone number 0400 426 842).

For unusual problems or in case of unclear repair responsibilities, the building manager may be contacted at 09 804 631.

Television and Internet connections


The buildings are connected to DNA Welho cable TV. The TV wall socket remains the same as before. The Welho connection can be used with both T- and C-type receivers (terrestrial/cable). By default, about 20 channels are included free of charge. If you wish to subscribe to pay TV channels, contact DNA Welho to obtain a card and a Cl+ dock into which the card is inserted. The dock is not needed for external digital receivers.

The television network is free of charge.

Elisa and Sonera also offer a pay TV service through their broadband connection, by the names Elisa Viihde and Sonera TV. The service includes a fast Internet connection.

Internet connections

A broadband conncetion can be ordered from one of the following providers:

  • Elisa
  • Sonera
  • Langat ja Langattomat taloverkot -company

The company will set up the required connections in the routers. The resident then connects their computer to the network plug in the fusebox. No modem is needed.

Alternatively, DNA Welho provides a connection through the television cable network. This requires using the same socket as the television, so a splitter is needed. The operator will provide a modem. The modem takes about two hours to register after the installation.

Make sure that the connection is available at a suitable speed in your apartment. The price depends on the operator and the connection speed.

In addition, Visuverkko offers an Internet connection through the telephone network.